Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code To Save On Different Office 365 Editions

When you get the Microsoft Office 2016, you will be enthralled with the new features that will help you get things done just within fewer steps and swiftly. You can easily work in collaboration with others with this office suite and you can take your documents along with you wherever you go. But, before buying any edition of Microsoft Office 2016, you should really understand the different editions available and how will they help different categories of people, such that you can make your choice based on your requirements and profession.

Traditional editions:

Similar to that of its predecessors, Office 2016 is also made available in different editions aimed at meeting the requirements of different categories of users. Like the traditional editions of the Office suite, this suite also has core applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Here is the list of 5 different editions of Office 2016 for Windows PC:

Home & Student, which comes only with core applications.

Home & Business, which comes not just with core applications, but also with Microsoft Outlook.

Standard: This edition is available only through volume licensing channels. In addition to the core applications, this edition comes with Publisher and Outlook as well.

Professional: In addition to the core applications, this edition has Publisher, Outlook and also MS Access.

Professional Plus: This is also available only through volume licensing channels. Along with the applications present in Professional edition, this edition also has Skype for Business.

Editions for Mac:

As far as Mac is concerned, Office 2016 comes in the following editions:

Home & Student: Has core applications alone

Home & Business: Along with core applications, it has Outlook

Standard: Comes with core applications and Outlook and is available only as volume licensing channels.

Office 365:

Office 365 as you know is a subscription service. This service was introduced by Microsoft with the aim of meeting the requirements of anywhere access of their documents and files of business and enterprise users. Then, these services were expected to Office 2016 to encompass new plans that are aimed at meeting the requirements of home users. The subscriptions will permit the user of Office 2016 applications to use the applications along with multiple users with the help of software as a service model. Varied plans are available for Office 365 and some of them come with value-added services like 60 Skype calling minutes each month, 1 TB of storage per month on OneDrive, etc.

The design of Office 365 for Windows:

As far as UI design of Office 2016 for a PC with Windows operating system is concerned, there are relatively not many changes as compared to the past versions. It continues to have a flat design, which was released by the Microsoft with the Metro Design Language. However, some minor modifications can be seen in the layout. These changes are done by Microsoft to make sure that the users can access the applications of Office 2016 through mobile phones as well.


Understanding what is included in the different editions of Office 2016 is important so that you can easily choose the one that has applications that will be useful for you. After comparing, never forget to use Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code Canada to avail discounts on your shopping for this suite from Canada.

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There are so many online sites offering apk files free download and if you are new to apk files it is better that you know what apk files are before installing them into your android mobile. The apk files stand for Android application package which is a package file format used to install the application software on to the Google androids operating system just like the .exe file format to install applications on windows operating system. So by android apk files free download your mobile is ready to support all the apps that you would like to install on your mobile even bypassing the play store alone supported by Google.

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Benefits of an Android tablet

An Android tablet presents many benefits, among which the most important ones are its performance, usually comparable to the performance delivered by an all-in-one computer, and its design. An Android tablet PC is lighter than personal computers, yet it can deliver very similar results. Because they are so light, tablet computers can be moved from one place to another much easier than those bulky desktop computers. Plus, they have all that they need incorporated into a single device: the monitor or screen, the central processing unit, and the keyboard, that appears on screen only when the user wants it.

Another benefit of any Android tablet is that it features the Android operating system, designed for mobile devices, meaning for smartphones and tablet computers. Android is an open source software and can be freely modified and distributed by software developers and mobile device manufacturers. Android benefits of its very own market, where thousands of apps meet with millions of users. This operating system is continuously upgraded, at this moment reaching the 4.2 version, also known as Jelly Bean. This version brings optimized performance, an updated user interface, and new features.

An Android tablet PC, although smaller than laptops, benefits of increased battery performance. Batteries incorporated in a tablet computer are made of polymers of lithium and can deliver 7-8 hours of uninterrupted performance, in normal operating conditions. In case the user wants to watch videos or play games, while keeping the Wireless connection on, this interval decreases a bit, down to 5-6 hours. Those who need to travel and use their tablet computer at the same time, can benefit of another advantage related to the battery; they can reach very easily the battery bay and replace that drained battery with a supplementary one, that they could carry with them for emergency cases.

Android tablets feature in most cases touchscreens, that allow their users to control their digital world by touch. All that the user needs to do is to touch the display of his Android tablet, and the tablet will execute his command, based on the icon touched by him. Users have the possibility to personalize their home screens the way they want, listen to music, watch videos, communicate with their friends and family, download and upload documents, store multimedia files, draw, record sounds, take photos, play games, all with the help of their fingers. Because touchscreens are very sensitive, they need to be cared for with extreme precaution, therefore it is recommended to take your precious device to an authorized center for cleaning and other maintenance operations.

How Steve Nash Kick-Started My Hockey Business

I’m a bit of a sports junkie. I’m not one of those types who enters every sports pool or knows every statistic on every player and every league. But, I do enjoy watching most sports. This time of year is perhaps one of my favourite as hockey playoffs approach and March Madness is in full swing. Though the two sports that I most love, hockey and basketball, are very different, for me, they’ve played a pivotal role in developing my online start-up business.

For two straight years, I went with my father to watch the exploits of this kid play in the annual high school all-star basketball game. First, this kid was in grade eleven playing against the grade twelves. Then, the following year, we watched him play as a senior. This kid was creating quite a name for himself in the local basketball scene because he was touted as a can’t miss blue chip recruit for some lucky college program. Most fans in attendance watching this kid outplay all his peers knew they were watching something, and someone, very special.

The only problem was, despite being in daily local news, no one of note from NCAA D1 basketball bothered to find out anything about this phenomenal talent. The only school to recruit him was Santa Clara University in California. The story goes that the coach at Santa Clara who happened to watch a video of a kid ‘breaking ankles’ with his dribbling skills laughed so hard that other coaches on his staff had to ask him what, or who, was he watching. He was watching Steve Nash, the eventual two-time NBA MVP. The rest as they say, is history.

So what does Steve Nash have to do with hockey? I played many sports growing up as a kid. I was fortunate enough to make a few baseball and basketball all-star teams and as a result, ended up playing with some really talented athletes – much more talented than I. Some of these teammates of mine got offered scholarships to continue playing at the college level. But there were other teammates of mine who were just as skilled or maybe even more skilled but didn’t get to play college. I always wondered why. It dawned on me that just like Steve Nash, many talented kids were not in the right place at the right time, meeting the right person who would believe in them, take a chance, and sign them.

Leading up to the ncaa tournament bracket, Nash was featured in Sports Illustrated dribbling tennis balls around Santa Clara’s campus, just a way to stay sharp. In his senior year, he led the Broncos to the sweet sixteen and his rise to prominence began. The rest as they say is history.

Nash’s underdog story has always resonated with me on a personal level. I come from the same hometown as he does, I played basketball in the same high school gym he played in and just like Steve and many of my childhood friends who got overlooked, I could only imagine how helpless they must have felt during those times of recruiting rejections. There was no sophisticated recruiting software back then for scouts and coaches to instantly view a prospect, just video tapes. There was no Youtube video clips, no email, and no internet to make direct contact with interested basketball and hockey programs to send an online player profile to. So I used Steve’s story as the genesis of my hockey recruiting and hockey scouting service to help those who wanted to get noticed but weren’t. Now, hockey players through my hockey recruiting and hockey scouting site can get noticed online.
It is a bit odd that a basketball player inspired my hockey business, but, in the end, I think many of us are inspired by people who are different than us for reasons we can admire and learn from. So why not learn from one of the all time best. Thanks Steve!